Theoreon, the new and improved electronic cigarette.
Feel great about your vape!

Do you enjoy the feeling of smoking with a cigarette in your hand? If so, e-vapor is your ideal solution. Be part of today’s modern vaping community by choosing Theoreon e-vapors.


Theoreon’s team understands that vaping is such a change in your life. We are keeping it simple by providing you with an easy-to-use e-cigarette, giving you the opportunity to change, and keep, your smoking habits at the same time. Theoreon’s number one aim is to offer you well researched and perfected flavours to indulge and satiate your palate… make your vaping experience a most pleasant one with Theoreon….

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Traditional Cigarettes definitely hinder your ability to relax amongst family and good friends over good meals… Theoreon created a product that can be your companion in all those moments. Is there anything more delightful than marrying 2 of your favourite and relaxing pleasures? Trust Theoreon to return you to the comfort of your life’s pleasures….

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The vapour created by our Cig-A-Like device will surprise you. Every mouthful will be complimented by a gush of creamy vapour. As a Vaper, you have just upgraded your lifestyle with your environment now smelling more pleasantly, and your car and house remaining odourless.

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